French language learning update

So I started really tackling French at the start of this year. I literally decided on New Years Eve ’14/’15 that it was time to knuckle down and learn a language to fluency. Or at least, enough of it to give me a boost when and if I went abroad to learn the language.

French seemed like a logical first project as I had studied it for six years of highschool and half a year at university. That said, I started back from scratch going over all the basics and treating things as if I didn’t know anything. This way I hoped I’d re-solidify my foundation and not have any blaring holes that could’ve occurred if I’d skipped ahead.

Anyway. I’ve been lazy with videoing myself and posting about my French project and I apologise for that. I’ll try and be more motivated to make videos of myself speaking, and post updates and other bits and pieces as I finish out the final 5 months of the French for this year.

So, here are the only two videos I have so far for my French progression. The first one is at 3.5 months (17/03/15) and the second is at 7 months (03/07/15). Firstly, I want to apologise for the first video as I’m chewing gum in it and it was hard to rewatch even for me. However, my excuse is that I never planned on showing anyone these videos, but it’s the only example I have from earlier this year so I thought I’d just suck it up and post it. Secondly, to any French native speakers forgive butchering of the language with my pronunciation and numerous errors. After all, it’s a work in progress!

All feedback welcome!