Plans for 2016: Portuguese & Swedish

I put together a relatively short video to outline what I’m planning to tackle in the coming year of 2016. I’m aiming for the sky and hoping to reach the roof this year with regards to my goals. Portuguese and Swedish are going to be my main focus, with Portuguese the primary focus at least for the first 6 months. Ultimately, I am hoping to get both of these languages to basic fluency by the end of the year. It’d be nice to see if I achieve this year with two languages what I achieved last year with only one, but with the added experience of having previously learnt a language to fluency on my own. We’ll see how it goes!

So below is the video where I outline a little about my year of French, and then talk a bit about my present level in both Portuguese and Swedish to give you an idea of where I stand on day 1 of 2016.

Let’s do this!


Author: Pete Smissen

I'm a PhD student with an ever developing passion for learning foreign languages. I started this blog to flesh out and share my thoughts and ideas on how to go about learning foreign languages to fluency. I am more interested in concept based approaches that each individual can tailor to their own personal living situation, interests, attention span, etc.

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