My daily Portuguese routine

I’m almost 5 weeks into my Brazilian Portuguese learning adventure for 2016 and I thought I would put together a post outlining my daily routine for learning the language.

At the moment I have two ‘Must Dos‘ for each day: 

  • Complete my Anki revisions (20-30 minutes).
    • Read aloud.
  • Study at least one Assimil lesson. (20-30 minutes).
    • Listen without looking at the text. Repeat aloud.
    • Listen only looking at the text in Portuguese. Repeat aloud.
    • Listen with both Portuguese and French text visible. Repeat aloud
    • Write out all of the text’s sentences by hand 10 times.
    • Enter any sentences with words I want to practice into Anki.

I think it’s important to have an easy to accomplish daily ‘Must Do‘ task or set of tasks that can be achieved even on your busiest of days. Wherever you set the bar the most important thing is that it’s such a level that you can accomplish it every day and maintain consistency.

On the days that I have more spare time to spend on Portuguese, or when I’m feeling more motivated than usual, which at the moment tends to be every day.

Activities on top of this include:

  • Slowly working through all the exercises in the Practice Makes Perfect Basic Portuguese book.
    • Enter every exercise into Anki.
  • Listening to episodes of the Brazilian Podclass podcast when I walk anywhere (free on iTunes).
    • Repeat aloud.
  • Speaking with friends as much as possible, whether in person or online.

I’m hoping to continue with this routine for a few more months until I have a really solid base vocabulary wise and grammar wise. I’ll start trying to read more simple books and watch TV shows, etc. but only really stick with these once I am at a level of 80%+ comprehension. I call this ‘Riding the wave of comprehension‘, see point 10. in my post 12 things I learnt from 12 months of French where I go into it more.

What do you think of my daily routine? How could I improve it? And what are you doing on a daily basis to learn your target language?